Free Tutorial: making felted beads and balls

How to Make Felt Beads and Simple Jewellery Felt beads are easy and very inexpensive to make – you only need a few grams of merino wool top and some soapy water. Combined with glass, metal or ceramic beads, they make beautiful jewellery and they can be made into decorations, zip pulls, hair pins, charmsContinue reading “Free Tutorial: making felted beads and balls”

Free Tutorial: dyeing fleece at home

Dyeing Fleece with Food Colouring Dyeing fleece is great fun and the results can be amazing! Here is a simple easy method of dyeing fleece with food colouring. If you have raw (unwashed) fleece to dye, see our guide to the basics of washing raw fleece. You can dye any natural fibre which has had theContinue reading “Free Tutorial: dyeing fleece at home”

Free Tutorial: Butterfly

Simple Butterfly using Water Soluble Paper I love making butterflies and this one was inspired by the contents of the monthly Makerss box in June, the theme was Butterflies and Dragonflies… have been seeing lots of those around! I have used multi-coloured wool roving, you can also use wool batts. A fun part for me is tryingContinue reading “Free Tutorial: Butterfly”

Free Tutorial: Basic Wet Felting technique.. 👀

These instructions show the basic layout and techniques for making flat felt panels. This technique can be used for laying out many other feltmaking projects, including scarves, pictures,felt wallhangings, felt bags, lighting and more. It shows the basic steps used to create a strong, even, wool felt surface. Note for beginners…look at how carefully theContinue reading “Free Tutorial: Basic Wet Felting technique.. 👀”

Free Tutorial: wet felt a Wallhanging

Wet Felt a Wall-hanging Kit This kit contains the wools, carded batts, silks and yarns in a wide range of vibrant colours and textures. Prices start at £30 for a wall hanging kit 60 cm by 45 cm + P&P £3.70. Kit also includes … Newcomers to felting can receive the kit with a draftContinue reading “Free Tutorial: wet felt a Wallhanging”

Free Tutorial: Felting a Devon Landscape or Sheepscape Kit

Buy the Kit for £20 + p&p. When you open your kit, you’ll find at least 16 different colours of Merino wools, mulberry silks, angelina fibres and curly tops, as well as 2 sheets of white pre-felt, netting and bubble wrap. There’s also a printed copy of illustrated instructions. Below, I’ve made 13 short real-timeContinue reading “Free Tutorial: Felting a Devon Landscape or Sheepscape Kit”

Tips on Laying out fibres when felting a scarf in wools and silks

First steps in design It’s a really good idea, firstly, to look at all the possible colour combinations and designs of your wools. Designs can be uniform or random. The basic scarf can be embellished with silks, remnants, curly locks etc, so do a dry run by moving colours and textures around first. Colour sketchContinue reading “Tips on Laying out fibres when felting a scarf in wools and silks”