Felting a Landscape Kit: the elements of composition.

When you open your kit, you’ll find at least 16 different colours of Merino wools, mulberry silks, angelina fibres and curly tops, as well as 2 sheets of white pre-felt, netting and bubble wrap. There’s also a printed copy of illustrated instructions. Below, I’ve made 13 short real-time videos to help show you how toContinue reading “Felting a Landscape Kit: the elements of composition.”

Tips on Laying out fibres when felting a scarf in wools and silks

First steps in design It’s a really good idea, firstly, to look at all the possible colour combinations and designs of your wools. Designs can be uniform or random. The basic scarf can be embellished with silks, remnants, curly locks etc, so do a dry run by moving colours and textures around first. Colour sketchContinue reading “Tips on Laying out fibres when felting a scarf in wools and silks”

World of Wool tutorial – how to make a wet felted seascape Rose Lafferty

https://www.worldofwool.co.uk/apps/base/blog/tutorial-how-to-make-a-wet-felted-seascape Seaside seem a long way away from here in mid Devon lockdown, so here’s a link to lovely Rosie’s tutorial. I’m busy making free crafting kits for kids in rural Devon and have just finished my large 🌈 Rainbow window hanging for the local community stores which has remained open for us. Don’t forget,Continue reading “World of Wool tutorial – how to make a wet felted seascape Rose Lafferty”

All you need is wool, water and soap!

Taken from Arlene’s Adventures In Felt and definitely worth reading. This post will stay up for 7 days. Wool Firstly, you need wool.  The wool will be dependent on what you will be making.  I first started wet felting vessels.  With vessels, the type of wool is not so important as long as it feltsContinue reading “All you need is wool, water and soap!”

Five Great ideas to use up your Felt Stash

What can you do with all those little bits of fluff and fibre left over from your finished project? Don’t throw them away! Store them in safe and dry place and wait for inspiration in your isolation… Felt Balls You can turn the smaller ones into jewellery, like bracelets, brooches and earrings. Felt a CaterpillarContinue reading “Five Great ideas to use up your Felt Stash”

Fun Felting a Caterpillar

It is great fun making felted balls – especially with the help from enthusiastic children! The balls can be used to make jewellery, toys, mobiles, embellishments, costume and more. Merino wool is particularly good for making felt. It has a long fine fibre which felts readily and is available as natural, and in a choice ofContinue reading “Fun Felting a Caterpillar”

Wet Felt a Scarf Kit in Merino and silk fibres.

I’ve put together some lovely colour combinations to inspire you to design your own scarf or neck warmer. Each pack comes with one of my hand made ceramic sheep stamps. Some of you have already made scarves or neck warmers in my felting workshops and I know how much you love the softness and huesContinue reading “Wet Felt a Scarf Kit in Merino and silk fibres.”