Fun Felting a Caterpillar

It is great fun making felted balls – especially with the help from enthusiastic children! The balls can be used to make jewellery, toys, mobiles, embellishments, costume and more. Merino woolย is particularly good for making felt. It has a long fine fibre which felts readily and is available as natural, and in a choice ofContinue reading “Fun Felting a Caterpillar”

How to frame your felted pictures…

I had a really interesting query from Kelly about framing felt paintings, so I’m going to copy the answer I gave her for all of you to read. The picture above is not important, but the frame and mounting is shown quite clearly. *(The picture above is double mounted with a frame inside the mainContinue reading “How to frame your felted pictures…”

Wet felting a picture

My favourite reason for wet felting is painting ! I love trying to recreate the effects of water colour paints when I’m wet felting a picture. To achieve this painterly effect, I lay down a few, thin layers of wool at a time and leave at least three areas of white space. Gradually, I buildContinue reading “Wet felting a picture”

Wet Felt a Scarf Kit in Merino and silk fibres.

I’ve put together some lovely colour combinations to inspire you to design your own scarf or neck warmer. Each pack comes with one of my hand made ceramic sheep stamps. Some of you have already made scarves or neck warmers in my felting workshops and I know how much you love the softness and huesContinue reading “Wet Felt a Scarf Kit in Merino and silk fibres.”

Free Online Wet Felting a Rainbow Kit for Kids Visit my blog page above for updated version of this Rainbow Tutorial. The Wet Felting a Rainbow kit for Kids comes with a selection of 7 vivid colours of Merino wool all cut to size and some white wispy wool for clouds or a dove. A piece of white pre-felt on which to arrangeContinue reading “Free Online Wet Felting a Rainbow Kit for Kids”

Free tutorial 3D Felting flowers, bags and bowls…

Would you like to learn how to felt a bag, a bowl, an iPad case or flowers … Contact me for free instructions and you can also order a pack of Merino wools and silks to complete the project at home. Ceramics… I will send you one of my trade-mark porcelain sheep with each order.

Free Felting Soaps Tutorial

Sharing is caring! If you like my blog and want me to post more free felting tutorials, please follow my blog or send me your email. I will never make it public. Contact me at: Text: 0783843639 Felted soap is simply soap wrapped in wool that has been matted together. Itโ€™s a gentle exfoliator,Continue reading “Free Felting Soaps Tutorial”