Felting kit for wall hangings

Your kit contains enough wool tops, batts and silks to make at least two large wall hangings and a collage.

Here’s a link to my tutorial Felting a wall hanging

If you want some more tips on how to create a freestyle arty wall hanging, I recommend this Living Felt video – nearly 2 hours long, but worthwhile as it provides another perspective in detail. Art felt

The kit includes 1.5kg of fine Merino tops and some carded batts in the three primary colours of blue, red and yellow, together with green.
Each bag contains a range of shades on each colour to add texture to your project.

Watch this video for a quick reminder of a Simple felting method.

The embellishments include sari ribbons, sari silk slivers, silk noil, Angelina, silk fibres and scraps; mixed pencil yarns, white carded batt, some prefelts and curly locks and nepps.

Watch this video for useful tips…

How to embellish flat felts

Tulle netting to trap the fibres, water soluble paper, felting needle and foam base, grated shavings of olive oil soap, cotton scrim and cardboard roller.
Use the felt offcuts to create an abstract collage by sewing them on to scrim.

Stitching felt offcuts on to cotton scrim to make a collage.

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