Five Great ideas to use up your Felt Stash

What can you do with all those little bits of fluff and fibre left over from your finished project?

Don’t throw them away!

Store them in safe and dry place and wait for inspiration in your isolation…

Felt Balls

You can turn the smaller ones into jewellery, like bracelets, brooches and earrings.

Felt a Caterpillar

Roll up a number of larger felt balls, add a head with eyes et voilà, Monsieur Caterpillar est né ! Well, you know what I mean!

Felt Notebook Cover

A lovely gift for someone or added impetus for your own journal writing and recording.

An example by textile artist Angela Barrow.

Felt a Needle pad or Pin Cushion

A cheerful and practical way to collect together all those stray needles and pins. Link it through to the Searcher’s singing Needles and Pins-za!

Sew on missing buttons, mend a loose hem or re-purpose an old pair of jeans into shorts.

Felt a Coaster or Tea Pot Stand

Wet felt a coaster to protect your polished surfaces out of a mélange of mixed fibres. Felt is forgiving and loving!

Monika Schaeffer image.

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